Woood Narożnik Bean Prawy Czarny 375694Z

Woood Narożnik Bean Prawy Czarny 375694Z

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With this super cool corner sofa in Recycle leather you have a real eyecatcher in the house! And for everyone is a place. This corner sofa is available with the corner on the left or the corner on the right. Just what suits you better in the room. It is a very sturdy and comfortable sofa in black ECO leather. The width of the armrest and thickness of the backrest is 22 cm. This gives the sofa a nice body.ECO-LEDER consists of 70% genuine leather and 30% polyester. ECO-LEDER is made up of two materials: the underlayer consists of recycled genuine leather which gives the sofa a naturalny and unique look. The leather is protected by a polyester covering layer which prevents unevenness and makes it a solid combination fabric. Maintenance: ECO-LEDER can be maintained as follows: you can clean the fabric with a damp cloth. In case of stains you can use a neutral soap solution to remove the stain. After removing the stain, wipe the fabric with a damp cloth.Note: Proper maintenance extends the life of upholstered furniture. This bench is supplied in separate elements. The elements are easy to connect with each other by means of brackets. Click here for more information about delivery. For hard floors, place felt glides under the legs. This prevents damage to the floor.

Woood Narożnik Bean Prawy Czarny 375694Z 9510,99 PLN

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